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Daam was founded in January 2019 by a group of long-time investors in the eastern region. The small scope of our business is co-packing food and non-food products. The bigger scope is creating a sophisticated-efficient (TPL) provider in the Gulf region that can guarantee and sustain service and quality.


We are committed to building a company that offers an opportunity for talented people to join, and a potential success story for our customers. Not only that, we also seek to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Based on your needs and requests, we can provide
several Co-Packing Solutions.


In the Near Future ...


In the Near Future ...


Co-Packing Services

We offer pre-retail Co-packing solutions that include the packing and preparation of your products for promotional purposes.

We pack products together in a way that make them more desirable to consumers; and more profitable to suppliers.

The result is a tight, clear wrap around your item that serves your needs of quality, marketing, and value.


On-Demond Services

Labeling and professional display services available. An extra touch for a small additional cost that will boost your sales.

Management of cost has been a key priority in the business and transportation of goods requires long hours. Taking those factors into consideration, we have trained our team to the highest standards to provide the service completely at your facility.

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Here at Daam we appreciate results and hardwork.

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